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One of the final stages of turnkey project implementation is software installation at the facility. Over the recent years, automated information data systems have made it much easier for heads of health care organisations and doctors to use information technologies. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a new clinic built without information technologies. It has become normal to use IT in such projects.

Totally integrated automation leads to actual improvement in the work of medical and preventive treatment institutions, and namely:

  • Patients obtain legible medical records – either records, prescriptions or tests results.
  • Service quality is being improved as well as the scope of reference information available to patients, which makes it possible to upgrade and deliver disclosed data and public information to patients: patient reception hours, diagnostic room opening hours and more specific information, which may be provided upon the respective request without disturbing front desk personnel or specialists.
  • Significant acceleration of information receipt process: electronic system of test scheduling and quick receipt of information about its results by the attending doctor.
  • Common database allows for guaranteed safety of patient medical record card and medical history sheet.
  • Significant improvement in personal data security.
  • Integration of administrative, diagnostic and treatment, financial, economic and business processes into unified information space.
  • Work control in all subdivisions of medical and preventive treatment institutions.

A unified mechanism of management, control, accounting and planning makes it possible to increase institution work efficiency in the market of medical services.

One of the products, which meets the needs of health care institutions to the fullest extent is MEDIASTAR Automated Information Data System consisting of the following hardware and software systems:

  • Intramed Automated Information Data System
  • ATRIS Automated Telemedical Radiological Information Data System
  • Morfologiya Automated Information Data System
  • Administrative and economic complex АIS АKhК Automated Information Data System
  • ALISA Automated Laboratory Information Management System.

Companies of INTERA GmbH

PROinvest KFT acts as a general designer, general contractor and equipment supplier.

Proinvest also offers government customers the following services:

  • General Contractor services
  • Comprehensive solutions in facility engineering
  • Being a single contractor responsible for the whole scope of work from design development to commissioning and service support offers a number of advantages: it optimises the time of project implementation and reduces capital investments.
  • Administrative, technical and engineering support when coming up to the designed capacity.
  • Post-warranty service