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Design, construction and fitting of the Oncologic Dispensary, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa

Subject matter of the contract:

Turn-key design, construction, reconstruction and fitting of the Oncologic Dispensary of Ufa. First stage: reconstruction of the surgery building: 5 floors (10 operating theater, diagnostics department). Second stage: construction and fitting of the 240 bed ward building.


Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Amount of the contract:

40 million Euro

The project includes:

Mall, hospital boulevard, parking area

Training building, 4 floors – 2,000 sq.m

Administration block, 3 floors - 800 sq.m

Main entrance to the territory

Household block, 2 floors - 2,000 sq.m

Nuclear medicine building, 2 floors - 1,400 sq.m

Warm passage, 1 floor - 80 sq.m, 160 sq.m

Main entrance building, 2 floors – 2,400 sq.m

Clinic entrance building, 1 floor, – 320 sq.m

Ward building, 8 floors – 9,600 sq.m

Surgery building, 5 floors – 6,100 sq.m

Hospital extension, 1 floor – 1,100 sq.m

Entrance of the clinic

Additional conditions:

Terms of payment:

15% advance payment.

Installments during construction time + 6 months +7years


Entered – January, 2008

Completion of all work – December, 2009

Implementation stage - construction


Companies of INTERA GmbH

PROinvest KFT acts as a general designer, general contractor and equipment supplier.

Proinvest also offers government customers the following services:

  • General Contractor services
  • Comprehensive solutions in facility engineering
  • Being a single contractor responsible for the whole scope of work from design development to commissioning and service support offers a number of advantages: it optimises the time of project implementation and reduces capital investments.
  • Administrative, technical and engineering support when coming up to the designed capacity.
  • Post-warranty service