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We do things that others believe impossible!

 Awareness of local traditions, laws and regulations, ability to establish relations and understanding of the cultural specific features, mindsets of Western partners together with extended experience, expertise and competence of INTERA GmbH employees enable us to work successfully in both Western and Russian markets.


Competitive Advantage. High-skilled specialists, great experience in project implementation, access to Western know-how, financial instruments or leverage, on-going regional presence and customer care, are the things that give the competitive edge.

Profit Increase and Optimisation. We strive for successful implementation of our projects and dynamic growth of our company. Our objective is not only to increase our profit year after year but also to reduce both our expenses and expenses of our clients.

Unique market niche. We endeavour to take a unique market niche and develop a unique product, combining European and Russian advanced technologies with knowledge of our specialists and experts, introducing the latest medical achievements to the Russian realia. We are deeply interested in what we are doing and wish to contribute as much as we can to the development and improvement of the Russian health care infrastructure.

To become a competence centre, a link between Russia and the West both for western investors implementing their medicine-related projects in Russia, western manufacturers of medical equipment and engineering companies, considering Russia as a target market for their technologies and the Russian centres of innovation and medical products aimed at entering the western market. Relations and contacts with European and Russian scientific centres, participation and arrangement of seminars and conferences with the leading Russian and Western clinics and research institutes, assistance in patenting new products of Russian manufacturers of medical equipment, their production management, certification and sale in the West.


  • to promote the development of health care infrastructure.
  • to ensure adaptation of the best world technologies to the Russian norms and standards
  • to adopt advanced scientific technologies in medicine


Comprehensive approach. Performing pre-project, engineering and survey, construction - installation work and equipment delivery and installation, we act a single contractor, performing the entire scope of work from design to facility commissioning, maintenance services, and bear all the responsibility. This offers some advantages: reduction of project implementation lead time and capital investments.

Entrepreneurial spirit. We are a company of enterprising, energetic and businesslike people. Our employees are successful and tenacious professionals, seeking result-oriented cooperation and further development. We are good at operative decisions-making and strive for the desired goals.

Responsibility. As we generally perform all design and construction work, we are fully responsible for project implementation management and we are willing to assume new obligations and bear responsibility for the end result.

Expertise. We have achieved a high degree of proficiency; we have skills and competence regarding each stage of the project implementation process.

Customer focus. At the stage of development of the project concept we pay great attention to our customers’ needs, their possibilities and desires. The team of analysts and designers works hard to select the best possible design and facility equipment solution with regard to the locality specific features, common demand for medical services and many other factors.


Any business organization has priorities in its activity. Our priorities are as follows:

Commitment to excellent work. Our major priority is project implementation process.

We introduce absolutely new health care technologies:

  •  innovative design and reconstruction of buildings and premises is a rather interesting and promising design task itself.
  • providing facilities with the state-of-the-art medical equipment and the subsequent staff training. We are interested in the idea of health care institutions re-equipment itself. This is a new and promising business area.

Innovations for people.

  • improvement of health care services quality
  • improvement of work process and medical staff performance efficiency by means of advanced European technologies.
  • Comfort and high-technology-oriented design.

Our employees are our assets and basis for our winning formula.

If you invest in people, they will invest in your business. INTERA gives special attention to its staff development and recognizes each employee’s contribution. The team of professionals contributed greatly to make our projects a success. Experience and expertise of our employees allowed INTERA to adapt international quality standards and advanced principles of Western management to comply with the specific character of the Russian market and the Russian people mindset.


Companies of INTERA GmbH

PROinvest KFT acts as a general designer, general contractor and equipment supplier.

Proinvest also offers government customers the following services:

  • General Contractor services
  • Comprehensive solutions in facility engineering
  • Being a single contractor responsible for the whole scope of work from design development to commissioning and service support offers a number of advantages: it optimises the time of project implementation and reduces capital investments.
  • Administrative, technical and engineering support when coming up to the designed capacity.
  • Post-warranty service