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  • The Austrian-Hungarian Holding INTERA GmbH has been operating on the Russian market for over 4 years, performing the full cycle of turn-key projects. It has a successful experience of project implementation in accordance with current European technologies.
  • INTERA GmbH’s center of communication with the leading Western suppliers is its head office in Vienna.
  • Own group of engineers, logistics service, department for the integration of complex IT solutions.
  • Work experience with Russian and European financial institutions.
  • ISO 9001 certified management system.
  • More than 10 large comprehensive projects in 4 years.

INTERA GmbH - performs the full operation cycle, from the design to the result

Main features

  • Successful adaptation of international experience to Russian norms and regulations
  • Involvement of large insurance companies and European banks
  • Flexible conditions for payment guarantees
  • Maximum loan terms

Companies of INTERA GmbH

PROinvest KFT acts as a general designer, general contractor and equipment supplier.

Proinvest also offers government customers the following services:

  • General Contractor services
  • Comprehensive solutions in facility engineering
  • Being a single contractor responsible for the whole scope of work from design development to commissioning and service support offers a number of advantages: it optimises the time of project implementation and reduces capital investments.
  • Administrative, technical and engineering support when coming up to the designed capacity.
  • Post-warranty service