INTERA GmbH (Austria), a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Austria has been working for more than four years in the Russian market and implementing multiple-purpose turnkey projects in healthcare and social sphere successfully introducing European technologies to the Russian Federation. Within such versatile and multilevel activity INTERA GmbH Holding (Austria) was established comprising  PROinvest KFT (Hungary) with a representative office in Russia, specialising in investment attraction and projects financing as well as in projects general design and construction. One of the company business areas is fitting radio diagnosis and functional diagnosis, anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care units, including, neonatal endoscopy and disinfection wards with special equipment.

INTERA GmbH has a wide range of business relationships and extended experience in successful long-term cooperation with world leading medical equipment manufacturers.

Offices in Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary) enable our specialists to use and apply latest medical technologies in practice while designing and constructing health care institutions of all kinds. However, the company has its own design bureau in Russia and projects are therefore developed in a strict compliance with the Russian norms and standards.


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INTERA GmbH Holding was established in respond to the market demand for a contractor who could take responsibility for the whole cycle of project implementation – from “idea” to “launch” of socially important projects by means of long-term lending (by instalment payment if required) within the Russian Federation. The scope of work performed by the Holding company under government and municipal contracts includes initial conceptualisation for medical and preventive treatment institutions (of different types), preparation of pre-design proposals, design, construction and fitting out with medical and support equipment. All operations of the company are governed by the applicable Russian licences for design and survey work as well as for contract work.

The Holding company also provides medical consulting services and supplies a whole range of the medical equipment.

In the course of its development the company created its own team of manufacturing engineers for supervising contract work, a comprehensive customer service for engineering and installation work, a logistics team, IT comprehensive solutions integration department.

Having the staff industrial design specialists INTERA GmbH can implement projects of any complexity.

High-skilled specialists and extended experience of INTERA GmbH in attracting investments for project design and fitting out, operating as a general designer and a general contractor (with the pre-design and design documentation approval and work coordination), medical equipment supply, software installation and medical staff training single out INTERA GmbH from similar companies in the market.

Companies of INTERA GmbH

PROinvest KFT acts as a general designer, general contractor and equipment supplier.

Proinvest also offers government customers the following services:

  • General Contractor services
  • Comprehensive solutions in facility engineering
  • Being a single contractor responsible for the whole scope of work from design development to commissioning and service support offers a number of advantages: it optimises the time of project implementation and reduces capital investments.
  • Administrative, technical and engineering support when coming up to the designed capacity.
  • Post-warranty service